March 17, 2010

Mike Gordon 2010 torrents: 2010/03/13 Northampton

Mike Gordon
Pearl Street
Northampton, MA

Set I
  1. Can't Stand Still
  2. banter - Izzy & Griffin story
  3. Spiral
  4. banter - inviting out Mark Mercier
  5. Columbus Stockade Blues *
  6. Voices *
  7. Radar Blip
  8. The Beltless Buckler ->
  9. I'm Deranged ->
  10. Dig Further Down
Set II
  1. What Things Seem
  2. Fire From A Stick
  3. Crumblin' Bones
  4. banter - why this is a special gig
  5. Time (The Revelator) ->
  6. Hap Nappy ->
  7. La La La
  8. banter - traveling family introduction
  9. Cities
  10. banter - cheesing out
  11. Be Good And You'll Be Lonely
  12. Traveled Too Far
  13. encore break
  14. Swamp Music
  15. crowd

* w/ Mark Mercier on keys & vocals

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Note from taper Scott Bernstein:

Set 1 starts out sounding nice and clean. But just a couple of minutes into the first song, the venue security told me that they have a no mic stands policy and that I had to remove my stand IMMEDIATELY or they were going to have security remove it for me. So I had to think quickly. The best thing I could find that I could clamp my mics to was the riser area just offcenter to the left, and a few feet back. The only problem is that this riser railing that I was going to clamp to was only about 5 feet high, so it was below head height. Which means that it's a bit muffled, and that I was going to have to protect my mics from people walking by and standing in front of them. Somehow my left mic basically escaped unscathed, but a few times you can hear the right mic getting slightly muffled when people pass in front of it, and even worse since I was guiding people out of the way with my flashlight, at least 5-6 times you can hear people say "thanks" as they walk by. Thanks to my wife Jen, Melissa P., Beth S. for helping me out with quickly moving my gear under the gun!

Luckily for the 2nd set I go the OK from Mike's crew to set up in the area between the sound and lighting board and that sounds significantly better.

The perils we face as tapers never end! Apparently another taper got turned away at the door and told me that Boston-area tapers typically boycott Pearl Street as their no-taping policy is somewhat widely known, and as an out-of-towner, I had no idea.

Note that I was the only taper at this show.

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