October 11, 2009

Derek Webb: Stockholm Syndrome

Derek Webb is a Christian folkie who has gone electronic. It may seem like a radical transition, but he has retained his musical influences mainly rhythm and blues and Fifties Doo-wop. Stockholm Syndrome is a modern album, thanks to the co-producing skills of former Caedmon's Call bandmate Josh Moore who listens a lot to the happenings in dance and hiphop music. The Pro-tools gimmicks are on a par with the traditional approach of a seasoned singer/songwriter embracing modern technology.

Derek Webb is not afraid to take a stand. Freddie, Please is an electronic doo-wop J'accuse about a baptist preacher who think that "war and terrorism are God’s way of punishing a society that tolerates homosexuality". Becoming a Slave has the story of Christopher Columbus meeting the Arawak people in 1492. He noted admired for their strength, beauty, and hospitality before observing that "They would make fine servants".

The retail version of the album is not complete. There is bit of language in What Matters More about the TV preacher from Hell, Jerry Falwell ("we don't give a shit") that the verbally challenged might condemn. You can get it for free at his website in losless wav-format.

Derek Webb: Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is released on Ino Records.

  1. Opening Credits
  2. Black Eye
  3. Cobra Con
  4. Freddie, Please
  5. The Spirit vs. The Kick Drum
  6. What Matters More
  7. The State
  8. The Proverbial Gun
  9. I Love/Hate You
  10. Becoming a Slave
  11. Jena & Jimmy
  12. Heaven
  13. What You Give Up To Get It
  14. American Flag Umbrella

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