October 12, 2009

Hollands: Mother

NYC duo Hollands are quick to release a follow-up for their Faces EP. The six tracks that make up the new up Mother are more rock oriented and quotes seminal Seventies bands. There's quite a bit of ELO strings in opener Air Conditioned Heart, a song that ends with the opening riff of 10cc's Good Morning Judge, and Lungs of Steel and Jackie have rhythms that could have been written by Gary Numan.

Songwriter and main man John-Paul Norpoth has once more employed the services of his trusty cohort violinist Jannina Barefield, with Kenny Grohowski (drums), Jim Robertson (bass), Eleanor Norton (cello), Jon Weber (viola) and Curt Harling (vocals) brought into the equation to turn the core duo into a band firing on all cylinders.

Mother is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website. Release date: October 13.

  1. Air Conditioned Heart
  2. Cheerio!
  3. Just Like Them
  4. Lungs of Steel
  5. Jackie
  6. Dirty Rum
Live date:
  • 10/13 Piano's, New York, NY (CD release party)

» hollandsss.com
» myspace.com/hollandsss

HCTF review of Faces.

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