October 11, 2009

Deep Purple: "Space Truckin' Roun the World Live 68-76" live album (1968-1976)

A new Deep Purple 2CD live album Space Truckin' Roun the World Live 68-76 is in the works featuring tracks from Mark I-IV:

Deep Purple has a new live album in the works called Space Truckin' Round the World Live 68-76. According to Classic Rock magazine, the two-disc set -- due out next month -- will feature rare live recordings from various concerts all over the world, including gigs in Tokyo, Paris and San Diego. The compilation, which features multiple band line-ups, will also feature a detailed history of the group, individual concert details and photos. It's being released as part of the 10th anniversary of Purple Records -- the label that handles the band's music.

» purplerecords.net

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