July 16, 2009

Chickenfoot: Chickenfoot

When four reputed musicians start a new band just for the hell of it, the fun factor comes first and the music often suffers. Chickenfoot is Michael Anthony (bass), Sammy Hagar (vocals), Joe Satriani (guitar), Chad Smith (drums), all guys who don't have to proof anything and have been breathing rock for decades. Their self-titled album is filled to the rafters with loud anthems which will make you pump your fists in the year. Satriani took care of the music, often emulating the tone of George Harrison, and Hagar supplied the lyrics. He is no poet, but he knows what works: a little sex, a bit of hard luck, raising hell, and a ballad.

The big suprise is Chad Smith, who lays down a rock solid straightforward back beat, on which the rest of the band can build and expand. Is Chickenfoot a whim of four guys with a little spare time on their hands? If so, this album is a loud footnote in their careers, deserving to be heard, but not essential by any means. It will while away the hours on a long drive.


Chickenfoot is released on earMusic.

  1. Avenida Revolution
  2. Soap On A Rope
  3. Sexy Little Thing
  4. Oh Yeah
  5. Runnin' Out
  6. Get It Up
  7. Down The Drain
  8. My Kinda Girl
  9. Learning To Fall
  10. Turnin' Left
  11. Future In The Past
The First Editions of the Chickenfoot CD & LP packages have been printed with a non-toxic Thermochromic ink. Simply, the ink reacts to heat and changes it’s appearance above and below 84ºF /29ºC. For example; If the package is at a general room temperature (around 73ºF) and is touched by a warm body part (above 84ºF) the ink will appear transparent at the point of contact. Once the surface of the ink returns to a cooler temperature (below 84ºF) it will return to it’s original opaque black color.

Video: Chickenfoot - Oh Yeah

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