July 16, 2009

The Atlantic Manor: Slow Drugs and Other Sorrows

The Atlantic Manor: Slow Drugs and Other Sorrows

Miami songwriter R. Lee, mastermind of The Atlantic Manor is firmly rooted in the underground. releasing DIY albums since 2001. His new one is called Slow Drugs and Other Sorrows, a musical journey through the horrors of addiction. It's so lo-fi that it actually might hurt you ears a times, overwhelming you like a tidal wave and it will get you hooked but in a good way.

R. Sell plays guitar and sings, with J. Bjel taking care of the drums and keyboards. Recorded quickly without overdubs the nine songs on this album take you on a trip to the back alleys of the scene, the part that's not about the bliss of the rush, but about scoring and coping wit the every day angst ghat comes with it. Slow Drugs and Other Sorrows is a sparse album that is harsh and tender. R. Sell obviously cares about his subject matter and he needs only a few words to tell a story. Recommended if you can handle the bleak stuff of Nico.

Slow Drugs and Other Sorrows is released on his own label Do Too Records. Buy it from CD Baby.

  1. Truant Heart
  2. Do You Still Have A Heart
  3. Slow Drugs and Other Sorrows
  4. Weekend of Full Moons
  5. A Silent Moment
  6. Fire In The Sky
  7. Bad News For The New Scene
  8. Dark Eyes
  9. (hidden track): How Great Things Begin

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