December 08, 2008

Teliof: Is It?

Teliof from Tel Aviv are a progressive rock band who sound like they have been locked up in a room for the last 30 years or so, listening endlessly to Yes, Genesis, early Queen, and Focus. This Israeli quintet takes you back on a trip through early Seventies symphonic rock, with a 24 minute plus suite in seven parts to boot.

The band have a knack for coming up with infectious melodies, with a hint of gospel thrown in. Is It? is an album with expert guitar parts, big room vocals - thankfully no neo-goth intonations a la Within Temptation. Production wise the songs come leaping out of your speakers without drowning out the quiet parts, like a good prog album must should.

Kristine Sykes: vocals & flute
Yuval Aviguy: guitar
Roei Remez: keyboards
Avsha Elan: guitar & bass
Lior Arinos: drums & percussion

Teliof: Is It?

Is It? is a self-released on album. Buy it from CD Baby.

  1. They Believe We Exist
  2. Die for us
  3. It is (part 1)
  4. It is (part 2)
  5. It is (part 3)
  6. It is (part 4)
  7. It is (part 5)
  8. It is (part 6)
  9. It is (part 7)
  10. Piece of cake
  11. Flirting with hope
  12. Five to dusk
  13. Candy rehab
  14. All of the above

Live date:
  • 12/12 MistyBar, Tel Aviv, Israel


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