July 11, 2007

Eliza Gilkyson: Your Town Tonight

There is only way to find out if an artist can really play: on stage. Folk singer Eliza Gilkyson has been in the live music business since was 9 years old. She is the daughter of composer Terry Gilkyson who penned many a classic ("Memories Are Made This").

Her new album Your Town Tonight was recorded live at the Cactus Cafe in Austin, Texas. Backed by a kick ass band she sings her songs about break-ups, crooked judges and scheming preachers. Her voice can sooth and snarl within the space of a single note. She is very aware bout what is going on and shew wants the world to know about how she feels about all the shit that is happening today. Tender Mercies is a great song about a girl who becomes a suicide bomber, from the point of view of the mother. After all the serious stuff, Your Town Tonight closes with her father's song Bare Necessities from the Disney movie Jungle Book. The audience sings along happily. No doubt they left the cafe with a smile on their face and plenty of things to think about.

Eliza Gilkyson - Your Town Tonight

Your Town Tonight is released on Red House Records. Release date: July 17th.

  1. Beauty Way
  2. Green Fields Intro
  3. Green Fields
  4. Dark Side of Town
  5. Tender Mercies
  6. Jokerman
  7. Rose of Sharon Intro
  8. Rose of Sharon
  9. Tennessee Road
  10. Angel and Delilah
  11. Hard Times in Babylon
  12. Jedidiah 1777
  13. Lights of Santa Fe
  14. Easy Rider Intro
  15. Easy Rider
  16. Requiem
  17. Bare Necessities

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