July 10, 2007

Rolling Stones Wine Club

A Rolling Stones Wine Club? You gotta be fucking kidding, right? No, I am not. Jagger Inc. is now offering "Rolling Stones Glitter Tongue wine". Here's the blurb:

  • Join the Wine Club to get your Glitter Tongue Collector Set today!
  • There is no membership fee!
  • Members receive one beautiful collectible etched wine per month! By joining, you agree to accept the first six shipments, allowing you to build a one-of-a-kind, matched & numbered Collector Set. After that, the choice is yours. Stay in the club and build another rare Collectible set (totally new wines and etched designs!), or you can cancel at any time.
  • Each monthly shipment is $100, plus tax and shipping, and includes a beautifully hand-etched and painted, individually numbered bottle of Rolling Stones Glitter Tongue wine. Each month is a different handcrafted wine, and a different colored Glitter Tongue.
  • Numbered, etched Glitter Tongues are ONLY available to Club Members.
  • As long as you're an active Club Member, you'll receive the same bottle number. For example, Club Member #100 always receives Bottle #100.
  • With your 6th shipment, you’ll receive an Official Collector Box and Official Certificate of Authenticity. The box and certificate are both numbered to specifically match your etched wines.
  • Wine clubs are currently only available for U.S residents.

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