January 22, 2007

John Cale: new songs in Manchester, "Circus Live" on vinyl

John Cale

John Cale introduced two new songs in Manchester last night: one is called "Ray" (according to the set list), the other "Common Cold".

Set list for the Manchester University Academy 3 2007-01-21 show:
  1. Reading my mind
  2. Ray
  3. Save us
  4. Helen of Troy
  5. Sold Motel
  6. Hush
  7. Outta the bag
  8. Model Beirut recital
  9. Common Cold
  10. Big White cloud
  11. Walking the dog
  12. Fear
  13. Dirtyass Rock'n'roll
  14. Gravel drive
  15. You know more than I know
  16. Cable Hogue
  17. Leaving it up to you
  18. Chorale
  19. Pablo Picasso/Mary Lou

The new album Circus Live is also coming out on vinyl (triple LP) with bonus poster and 7" single "Jumbo in tha Modernworld". You can pre-order it at Heyday Mail Order.

» More about Circus Live

(Thanks: Gary Fox)

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