January 21, 2007

Rating the output of Frank Zappa

George Starostin's Music Reviews rates most of the stuff that Frank Zappa released over the years.

Frank Zappa is the most predictable of all the rock 'n' roll dudes on Earth - in that he's always unpredictable. Independent of what kind of music he'd been writing lately, you could never foretell the next style he was going to turn to - doo-wop, boogie-woogie, blues, jazz, classical, everything seemed to satisfy him as long as he was able to baffle the critics and the general public for one more time. He could record 'freaked out' psycho jams with the Mothers of Invention and suddenly insert a perfectly normal album of doo-wop records among them; produce mock concept albums that were serious and idiotic at once; envelop himself in jazz and then suddenly direct a classical orchestra, anything, you name it.

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