June 28, 2024

Black Moon Book: Black Moon Book 3

Chicago based multi-instrumentalist Mark Lofgren (The Luck of Eden Hall, The Thin Cherries) is looking back on his life on the third album by his Black Moon Book: moving to another town, love, loss, booze, and trying to keep it together. All things considered he managed to stay afloat. The autobiographical tales are mostly served with a soft-spoken psychedelic mood, with carefully played guitars and synths playing catch.

The passing of time has caught him by suprise, but by capturing a few memorable moments he is able to relive them by pushing "play". And while it is highly personal, the themes are universal and will appeal to anyone who looks into a mirror searching for their younger version.

Black Moon Book: Black Moon Book 3

Black Moon Book 3 is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. The Girl Who Broke Apart
  2. Ne'er Do Wells
  3. Town Between Towns
  4. Get Out or We'll Stay
  5. Perennials
  6. The End of the Novel in Your Head
  7. Ocean Drive
  8. Zoom
  9. Luci
  10. Glass Half Full
  11. Day Drinking

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