February 09, 2024

Amigo the Devil: Once Upon a Time at Texaco Pt. 1

photo: Alison Clarke

American singer-songwriter Danny Kiranos knows how to tell a tale when slips into his Amigo the Devil character. Once Upon a Time at Texaco Pt. 1 is about a man robbing a gas station, turning it into a hostage situation as he challenges the clerk to sing The Sounds of Silence. Things are on the brink of going South in a really bad way, before he tries to make his exit and make it to the Mexican border to stay out of the hands of the authorities. And all the while a guitar and banjo are clamouring for the best place in the spotlights. The music was obviously influenced by Nick Cave's The Curse of Millhaven, but stealing a bit when you sing about a crime is part of the fun.

It is a track from his forthcoming new album, Yours Until The War Is Over, which is set for release on February 23 via Liars Club Records (vinyl, CD, cassette).

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