August 31, 2023

The Garment District: The Starfish Song

photo: Nicole Czapinski

Psych pop band The Garment District go all out with The Starfish Song, with a decidedly unfashionable instrumental part smack in the middle of the track, before circling back to the joyous rock sound that kicked off the proceedings.

Any fan of old school organ, loud guitar and passionate vocals will be scrambling at the controls to turn it up, all the way to 11 preferably. It is a track from their forthcoming album Flowers Telegraphed to All Parts of the World.

The Garment District:
Jennifer Baron: guitar, organ, electric piano, tambourine, backing vocals
Lucy Blehar: lead vocals
Corry Drake: bass
Greg Langel: outro guitar
Sean Finn: drums

Flowers Telegraphed to All Parts of the World will be released on orange vinyl (500 copies) via Happy Happy Birthday to Me records. Release date: September 22.


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1 comment:

  1. Didn't Jennifer Baron play keys in the Black Angels at one point? This sounds a bit like them. Think the instrumental break is a good idea but could be better executed. The verses are great though. Like the swirling organ and backing oohs.