July 18, 2023

The Garment District: Left on Coast

The members The Garment District, a psych pop band led songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Baron, sound unashamedly retro on their new single Left on Coast. With tons of echo and reverb, they channel the leftfield sound of the late 60s: dreamy vocals having a gentle tug of war with distorted guitar, and cheesy but effective organ.

The intro lasts a little over 90 seconds, which will annoy all the honchos pointing angrily at the "best-practices in the age of streaming" notes. They are wrong. You can't rush quality. It is a first taste from their new album Flowers Telegraphed to All Parts of the World.

The Garment District:
Jennifer Baron: guitar, organ, electric piano, tambourine, backing vocals
Lucy Blehar: lead vocals
Corry Drake: bass
Greg Langel: outro guitar
Sean Finn: drums

Flowers Telegraphed to All Parts of the World will be released on orange vinyl (500 copies) via Happy Happy Birthday to Me records. Release date: September 22. The video was made by Nicole Czapinski.

» thegarmentdistrictmusic.com

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