August 21, 2023

Scott Gagner: Reverse

Scott Gagner

Multi-instrumentalist and singer Scott Gagner left his beloved Minneapolis to fly to London to record his new album Reverse at Abbey Road, Studio 2. Yes, that Studio 2. He played the pianos that The Beatles and laid down his vocals with the microphone that captured Lennon's voice for A Day in the Life. All reverie and "we're not worthy" aside, he led his musicians with a firm hand through his songs, ranging from power pop to psychedelica. Gagner's songwriting is all about storytelling by way of luscious melodies, always having his eyes on intimacy, even when the trumpets are weighing in and the strings are trying to steal his place in the spotlights.

Reverse deals with friendship and love mostly, with Christine McVie, a song about Fleetwood Mac's quiet one, who is a favourite of his and his wife, as the stand-out track. The gentle piano in Jesus In Reverse - he turns wine into water - is a 101 for layering keyboards and creating a filigree of sounds that will have transcribers scratching their heads in wonder. Never Could See Any Other Way features fellow Beatles fan Nick Frater on mellotron and pianet, instruments that have 60s written all over it. And My Glasses might well be this year's best song about letting go and not giving a fuck.

Gagner fulfilled a lifelong dream by making the trip. He ended up with the best souvenir he could acquire: an album that brings the superb acoustics of the studio to the comfort of his own home. That might help when he gets struck by a bout of "Fernweh".

Scott Gagner: Reverse

Reverse is a self-released album. Buy it (CD, digital) from his website. Release date: August 22.

  1. Friend Like You
  2. My Glasses
  3. Sunless Saturday
  4. Never Could See Any Other Way
  5. Jesus In Reverse
  6. Christine McVie
  7. For Granted
  8. There Was A House Here
  9. Goodbye
  10. Her Idea
  11. Footprints


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