November 23, 2021

Scott Gagner: BloodMoon

After yet another string of raging fires in California multi-instrumentalist and singer Scott Gagner had enough. He decided to move back to Minneapolis, Minnesota to get away from it all. His new album BloodMoon celebrates the good life, the ability to breathe again and living in a comfy home with his family, with all the necessary amenities nearby. He is happy living the quiet life - I Don't Get Out Much (Anymore), staring at the night sky and wondering if there is life on Orion and if so, are they willing to come down to make things better.

Gagner's vocals are totally at ease, mostly in an early '70s West Coast mode, floating on top of carefully orchestrated music that is smooth and complex, although the latter will most likely be glanced over by casual listeners. With some help from Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello, Elliott Smith, Ron Sexsmith), Jesse Chandler (Midlake, Mercury Rev, John Grant) and Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, The Replacements) BloodMoon was turned into an album that cruises on the outer lanes of the power pop mainstream: gentle, informed and opinionated.

Scott Gagner: BloodMoon

BloodMoon is a self-released album. Buy it (CD, digital) from his website.

  1. Rise
  2. Twice in a Lifetime
  3. I Don't Get Out Much (Anymore)
  4. My Shadow
  5. On the Moon
  6. Orion
  7. I Wish I Knew
  8. Year at a Glance
  9. Song for William
  10. 1977
  11. Orion (Reprise)
  12. My Father's Brother
  13. This Too Shall Pass


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