August 28, 2023

Curtis Eller's American Circus: crowdfunding campaign for new studio album "Another Nice Mess"

Curtis Eller's American Circus have launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of recording their new album Another Nice Mess:

Welcome to Our Little Big Top! You have found your way to the fundraising apparatus dedicated to the recording and release of the latest phonographic recording by Curtis Eller's American Circus. We are delighted to welcome you on board. We have previously produced two critically acclaimed albums with the indispensible help of our Kickstarter family. It is impossible to overstate how grateful we are for your continued support! (...) Who Is The American Circus? I'm glad you asked! The American Circus is a rock & roll band led by banjo player and songwriter, Curtis P. Eller. The beloved show-business veteran is accompanied by an intrepid ensemble of musicians and performers that includes Stacy Wolfson (harmony vocals and choreography), Dr. Hugh Crumley (electric and upright bass), Stephen Cowles (saxophone and flute), Joseph Dejarnette (upright bass), Jack Fleishman, Terry Lonergan, Robert Cantrell and Andy Lyth (drums and percussion). There is, however, a distinct possibility that the band is entirely a figment of Eller's delusional imagination. You'll have to get the record to know for sure.

The production of banjo records can be a challenging and costly endeavor, and we simply can't do it without your generosity! These are some of the significant expenses that your contributions will be used for.

They aim to raise $10,000 ($2,753 pledged so far, with 29 days to go).


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