August 23, 2023

Broeder Dieleman: Oh mijn ziel

photo: Mick de Witte

When Dutch troubadour Broeder Dieleman released his single Ochtendvier in June, it was a clear sign that he was branching out and forego his task as a lone songwriter with this collaboration with American singer Baby Dee. She is all over his new album, Oh mijn ziel, and helped him write the music for most of the tracks. Dieleman's love for dialects is still in full swing. Two texts by Flemish author Leo Bootsgezel - Kezand sturmland! and Toe, Leo - were transferred to the folk idiom, with the latter taking the guise of an adapted ballad, with birds chatter and an one-point accordion part courtesy of Dee.

Oh mijn ziel is a meeting of like-minded musicians, sharing a love for timeless music, a safe place where instruments and words share equal billing. Dieleman has let go of the reigns on this one, but longtime fans of his output will appreciate the fact that his instantly recognizable phrasing is smack in the middle of the mix. And yes, the title track is a translation of sorts of Psalm 42, a go-to text for searchers. If anything, he now has a few extra eyes to find what he is looking for.

broeder Dieleman: banjo, clogs, vocals
Baby Dee: accordion, piano, vocals, percussion
Peter Slager: gitaar, bass, vocals
Pim van de Werken: piano, guitar, vocals, percussion
Ida Abeltje Michels: vocals, percussion
Fay Ruza Christen: vocals, percussion
Luuk de Bakker: brass instruments
Rinze Voorberg: percussion

Broeder Dieleman: Oh mijn ziel

Oh mijn ziel is released via Snowstar Records (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Rook in mn kleren
  2. Onaf pad III
  3. Kezand sturmland!
  4. Ochtendvier
  5. Voo lief
  6. Toe, Leo
  7. Zeumer
  8. Dee's march
  9. At de muziek langskomt
  10. Oh mijn ziel

Live dates:
  • 08/26 Zeeland Nazomerfestival, Middelburg
  • 08/27 Zeeland Nazomerfestival, Middelburg
  • 09/01 Nicolaikerk, Utrecht
  • 09/09 Broese, Utrecht (instore 14.00)
  • 09/09 Concerto, Amsterdam (instore 17.00)
  • 09/23 Dark Festival, Amsterdam
  • 10/06 Stevenskerk, Nijmegen


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