June 02, 2023

Broeder Dieleman: Ochtendvier

photo: Mick de Witte

Dutch troubadour Broeder Dieleman joined forces with American singer Baby Dee for his new single Ochtendvier, a first taste from his forthcoming new album O Mijn Ziel. He sings in his in the dialect of his native Zeeland in this reworking of Dee's Morning Fire - Dee sings the original lyrics in English. It is a hopeful song and the two voices blend together quite well.

Ochtendvier is released via Snowstar Records.

Live dates:
  • 06/03 Podium open haven, Oostburg
  • 06/17 Groede Literair, Groede
  • 08/20 Zomerfestival Retranchement, Retranchement

» broederdieleman.com

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