August 07, 2023

North Star: North Star II

North Star

Dutch electropop band North Star once again reached out MuteMath bass player Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas, who agreed to help them with their new album North Star II. The 80s are once all over this one, with René Postma's bass front and center and singer Anne-Linn Beekhof singing her heart out. It is a game of light and shade, switching from an optimistic outlook on life to exploring the darker niches where machines and death are having a ball.

When tinkling old school synths, washes of electric guitar and a sense of foreboding connect, the duo can reach for the stars without even trying. They are in for the long run - a third album will see the light of day next year. Recommended if you like Propaganda and Massive Attack. It does not hurt to have an open mind for progressive time signatures as well.

North Star: North Star II

North Star II is a self-released album (vinyl, digital) and will be released at the end of the Summer. Buy it from their website.

  1. Light Around The Wires
  2. Don't Let Down
  3. 12:01 Pm
  4. Atlas
  5. Machine, Machine
  6. No Need To Wake Me
  7. Recurrence
  8. Last Words Of A Dead Actor
  9. Resist
  10. Vacume


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