November 14, 2017

North Star: North Star

Dreams came true for Dutch electropop band North Star when bass player Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas and drummer Darren King, the rhythm section of MuteMath, agreed to play on five tracks on their self-titled debut album and recording them in Nashville - the other tracks were captured @ De Geluidwerkplaats in their hometown Zwolle.

They have been playing together since 2016, initially starting out as a studio project, sharing a love for bands like Massive Attack, Hooverphonic and Kraftwerk. René Postma, the band's composer and resident multi-instrumentalist, came up with ten melodic songs that sound like a trip to am updated version of the Eighties. Lead singer Anne-Linn Beekhof brought in a slightly hoarse jazzy phrasing, adding a layer of melancholy to songs like Billy Come Home. Changes are that he has listened to a lot of Alison Moyet and Madonna records. Their own drummer Matthias van Olst uses a more rock feel than his American counterpart - compare his work on What Will Happen with Darren King's on Deadweight.

North Star is a band that will appeal to both musos and pop fans, proving that progressive structures can be mixed with commercial production values. Smart pop at its finest.

North Star:
Anne-Linn Beekhof: vocals
René Postma: bass, other instruments
Matthias van Olst: drums

North Star is a self-released album (vinyl, digital). Buy it from their website.

  1. Berlin
  2. Astronaut
  3. Control Of Me: Etherized
  4. Maybe It's A Boy
  5. Billy Come Home
  6. What Will Happen
  7. Inspector Mills pt.2
  8. It Can't Be Done
  9. Deadweight
  10. Living In Another World

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