June 23, 2023

Oh Hazar: Ivory

Dutch art rock band Oh Hazar takes a stand against the misuse of power in the art scene on their debut single Ivory. The privileged people at the top are holed up in their proverbial ivory tower and expect everyone - and more specifically women - to do their bidding.

Amidst a wealth of dark and abstract post-punk guitars plus a healthy dose of feedback, singer Imke Loeffen rises above the well-constructed mayhem, spitting out her accusations. If the band can keeps this up, the future looks bright for them and they will be making the rounds on the club circuit real soon. The video was directed by Poeria Abdolbaghai.

Oh Hazar:
Imke Loeffen: vocals, guitar
Stefan Kollee: guitar, vocals
Imanishi Kleinmeulman: drums
Judith Renkema: bass (live)
Pauline Timmerbeil: bass (studio)

Live date:

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