June 27, 2023

Midwestern Dirt: The Aaron Waters Show

Chicago alternative rock band Midwestern Dirt reminisce about the annual, rather loud Air & Water Show in their hometown by way of wordplay on their new single, The Aaron Waters Show. The festivities are known for the booming aircraft making runs across the city and, while it is bit scary, it is also a reminder that Summer is reaching its peak. Which is no consolation at all when the singer's love life is apparently going South.

College rock stations with a soft spot for early 90s guitar bands will play the Hell out of this song. It is the lead single for their new album Twilight at a Burning Hill, due for release on August 18.

Midwestern Dirt:
Patrick Kapp: vocals, guitar
John Golden: drums
Owen Hemming: keyboards
Colin Mercer: bass
Alejandro Ortiz: guitar

The Aaron Waters Show is a self-released single. Free download from their website.

» midwesterndirt.com

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