June 08, 2023

Love Interest: Motherwound

Detroit based gothic post-punkers Love Interest show some righteous anger on their debut EP Motherwound. Fronted by activist Jex Blackmore they take a well-deserved swipe at the Catholic church taking away children (Wretched Sisters), but it is the opener Kursk that is the most intense of the four songs. On this track they use the perspective of a mother who lost her son when the Russian submarine sank in 2000, and the powers that be failed on all accounts.

Motherwound is an outcry that should be played loud. "Never forget" might be a cliché now, but the pain of loss never goes away. With Blackmore as a powerful spokesperson, the stories will be told again and again, even to those who don't want to hear them.

Love Interest: Motherwound

Motherwound is a released via Council Records. The 12" vinyl will be available in August. Limited edition of 500 copies: gold (250) or ultra clear (250).

  1. Kursk
  2. Endless Sting
  3. Wretched Sisters
  4. Midwinter, Violent Air

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