June 07, 2023

It's Karma It's Cool: Thrift Store Troubadours

It's Karma It's Cool

English neo-psychedelic power pop quartet It's Karma It's Cool are in a melancholic mood on their new album Thrift Store Troubadours. They sound mostly cheerful and upbeat, but the lyrics tell another story. Time flies and there is no way of slowing it down, although looking back may help a bit to cope. Songs like the glam rock infused Old Bones and gentle 70s strut they used for Ghosts Wear Jeans serve as vessels for serious soul-searching. The acoustic intro of Jenni, We're All Fighting Wars will be a head-scratcher for all budding guitarists.

Singer James Styring is a fine form, but it is the rhythm section that steals the show. Mikey Barraclough and drummer Danny Krash do not settle for a simplicity, but provide a backbeat that is a challenge for guitarist Martyn Bewick. Anyone with a craving for the nearly lost art of the middle-eight will love it. And let's not forget they got dB's member Peter Holsapple to pitch in. He needs just a few notes to introduce himself, playing the keyboards on A Gentle Reminder. That particular song celebrates the comfort that only music can bring when dealing with anxieties, both real and imagined. And if doesn't do the trick, turn it up.

It's Karma It's Cool:
James Styring: vocals
Mikey Barraclough: bass, backing vocals
Martyn Bewick: guitars, additional instrumentation
Danny Krash: drums
Special Guests:
Peter Holsapple: mandolin on 'Winter Coats'; keyboards on ' A Gentle Reminder' and 'City Kids'
Gabby Porter: additional backing vocals on 'Winter Coats'

It's Karma It's Cool:  Thrift Store Troubadours

Thrift Store Troubadours is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. How Be You Be Blue?
  2. Warmer Climes
  3. Old Bones
  4. Winter Coats
  5. Jenni, We're All Fighting Wars
  6. Broken Heart Foundations
  7. Ghosts Wear Jeans
  8. Vacations in a Taxi Cab
  9. A Gentle Reminder
  10. The Terms of Letting Go
  11. Roll The Credits
  12. City Kids

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