June 01, 2023

Deleyaman: The Sudbury Inn


It won't come as a surprise to long time followers of French-American dark wave band Deleyaman to find that once more they have been inspired by fabled poets and authors like Paul Verlaine and Emily Brontë for their new album The Sudbury Inn. The band's core members, multi-instrumentalist Aret Madilian and singer Beatrice Valantin position themselves as outsiders looking in, as if they were eavesdropping on an imaginary meeting of the masters and taking notes. After that, it was back to the drawing board to write the music that would be a worthy match for the words, from post-punk to jazz and dream pop to be in sync with the mood and the rhythm.

They used the words from the prelude of Tales of a Wayside Inn for the title track. Written in 1862 by the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow about seven travelers telling their tales at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury. It is the centre of the album, the sun as it were, with the other circling around it. Paul Dunbar's poem Spring Song is transformed into a pastoral folk song, Emily Brontë's Moonlight, summer moonlight finds itself reinvented as gentle swaying jazzy rocker The Late Hour. Amidst all these heavy hitters Madilian stands his ground with the originals A Tale, Another Evening and Silent Ship, the latter serving as the closing track, as if the band's is waving for goodbye as they set sail to discover the gems for their next album.

By cherry-picking from the classic texts Deleyaman has given them as new leash on life. If only a small percentage of the listeners will hit the bookshops after hearing the album, it is mission accomplished for a band that is not afraid to offer a challenge as a means of showing the beauty of literature by means of carefully crafted music.

Aret Madilian: vocals, guitars, bass, piano, bouzouki, keyboards
Beatrice Valantin: vocals
Artyom Minasyan: duduk
Benoit Fournier: drums
Guest musicians: Eric Plandé: tenor sax, flute
Madalina Obreja: violin, alto violin
Pierre Baillot: oud, soprano sax, bansuri
Jules Maxwell: piano on "Another Evening"

Deleyaman: The Sudbury Inn

The Sudbury Inn is released via TTO Records (CD, digital). Release date: June 9.

  1. Spring Song
  2. A Tale
  3. Willow (Jerusha's song)
  4. Many Years Late
  5. The Sudbury Inn
  6. Another Evening
  7. La Saulaie
  8. The Late Hour
  9. Moment of Peace
  10. Gold is Fading into Gray
  11. Silent Ship

Live dates:
  • 06/03 Rabodanges, France @ K-rabo
  • 07/06 Le Havre, France @ Chateau Du Bec
  • 10/06 Saint Valery en Caux, France @ Le Rayon Vert (w/ Fanny Ardant)
  • 10/27 Saint-valery En Caux, France @ Cinema Du Casino
  • 02/03 Guyancourt, France @ La Batterie

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