May 11, 2023

Kristóf Hajós: There Are No Mountains b/w Renegades

Hungarian singer Kristóf Hajós is a rocker disguised as a crooner (or vice versa). Best known as the singer of The Unbending Trees he now goes solo with songs about finding his bearings again, after moving to Amsterdam. On his new single There Are No Mountains he deals with a leaving in a flat country (There Are No Mountains) and feeling guilty for those he left behind (Renegades).

On the A-side - a slow moving, melancholic one take wonder recorded @ The Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam - he is accompanied by his new live band The Bitterfly Collective. Stefan Breuer (The World of Dust) wrote and played the music on the B-side, which is a first for him - he never wrote for another musician before. He brought his signature lo-fi folk idiom and then took a backseat for Hajós' vocals to take center stage.

There Are No Mountains b/w Renegades is a self-released single. Buy it (limited 7" - 30 copies, digital) from his website.

Live date:
  • 05/13 Houten, Netherlands @ De Groeverij
    (w/ AFWAS, The World of Dust)


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