May 11, 2023

Hister: Hister

photo: Reyer Boxem

Merel Weijer (bass, vocals) and Michel Weber (drums, vocals) named themselves Hister, a word from the Low Saxon dialect spoken in their hometown Groningen. It roughly translates as "nervous" or "excited", which describes their alternative indie rock quite accurately. On their self-titled debut EP they offer five songs sung in Grunnegs. Weber is a veteran of the local rock scene - he is the drummer of Avery Plains - but Weijer is new to the game, but shows no sign of stage fright at all, using her bass as a lead instrument and her voice as the singer of a '90s underground act.

The less is more set-up of the duo translates well to both uptempo material (the title track) and slow shoegaze (Onder wotter). Komt goud ("It wil be fine") is the stand-out track, when Weber takes over the vocals, with Doe as a close second. The latter is a cover of the Breeders from their debut album Pod. Hister's quiet intensity is like a sleeping volcano. They are hovering on the brink of cutting loose, but by showing some restraint it becomes even more exciting.

Hister: Hister

Hister is released via Excelsior Recordings (vinyl, CD). Release date: May 19.

  1. Hister
  2. Komt goud
  3. Doe
  4. Trug in tied
  5. Onder wotter

Live dates:
  • 05/19 Amsterdam @ Concerto (in-store)
  • 05/20 Groningen @ RTV Noord Café Martini
  • 05/20 Groningen @ Grunneger Laidjesfestival
  • 05/27 Groningen @ Simplon (w/ The World of Dust)

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