May 20, 2023

Jon McKiel: The Lagniappe Sessions @ Aquarium Drunkard

Canadian singer-songwriter Jon McKiel recorded two covers for Aquarium Drunkard's The Lagniappe Sessions: Terry Jacks' Concrete Sea (MP3) and the Dirty Projectors' Swing Lo Magellan (MP3). About the latter:

My friend Vinny sent me this tune in a dm one day a few months ago and I became obsessed with it. I quickly checked but found no similar sounding song in the band’s discography. It could appear on John Wesley Harding—it’s production is stark, the playing has a disgusting groove and it’s panned just right. Lyrically it’s as poetic as anything I can think of.
Live dates:
  • 05/27 Calgary, AB @ East Town Get Down
  • 05/29 Edmonton, AB @ The Aviary
  • 05/31 Penticton, BC @ The Dream Cafe
  • 06/02 Nanaimo, BC @ Beacon House
  • 06/04 Los Angeles, CA @ Golddiggers
  • 06/06 Toronto, ON @ The Baby G
  • 08/13 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
  • 08/31 Sixpenny Handley, UK @ Larmer Tree Gardens


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