May 01, 2023

Geminga: Open deur

Dutch electronic downtempo jazz duo Geminga have come up with a concept album of sorts about opportunities that come to the fore if another route is no longer available. On Open deur ("open door") Claudia Cathérine and Jean-Paul Pino make a case for being optimistic, and not being let down be unfair odds. The highlight is the lengthy Gram (Dutch for "getting even)", a song about the controversies during TV talk shows, where nobody listens, but is only interested in venting their own opinions. A bit of a row or a full-blown incident with one the participants storming off might be good for the ratings, but it doesn't help the debate to move forward. The previously released radio edit told the story within 4 minutes, but the album version is nearly three times as long, giving the trumpet and percolating percussion all the space they deserve to go deep.

Geminga is a band who dares to take risks, without making it inaccessible. They challenge the listener to follow them, leaving trinkets and gems in their wake. Music and lyrics are treated like equals, creating a gently flowing set of songs that should be enjoyed in one sitting. Once the closing track Exit has runs its course, go back to the Entree for a second helping.

Open deur is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Entree
  2. Vroeger/beter
  3. Haha
  4. Gram
  5. Nu & dan
  6. Alles draait
  7. Wachtruimte
  8. Wie durft
  9. Strobreed
  10. Deur dicht
  11. Laan in licht
  12. Exit

Live dates:
  • 05/21 Nijmegen @ Dag van het Florapark
  • 07/18 Nijmegen @ De Kaaij (Vierdaagse Feesten)


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