March 08, 2020

Geminga: Daarom

Dutch duo Geminga play an unusual mix of electronics and jazz. Jean-Paul Pino and Claudia Cathérine are always game for trying something new, so when Cathérine's uncle Sjax de Bekker came by with a huge stack of songs wondering if any those would be of interest to them to record. They picked five of them and rearranged them for a 5-track EP. The concept itself is pretty straightforward: bookended by a songs about having breakfast (Het Ontbijt) and preparing for bed (Bedtijd), the other three tracks focus on mundane and bigger questions that come to mind during the day.

As a philosopher Claudia Cathérine knows all about questioning things and sometimes the answer is simply Daarom ("that's why"). Jean-Paul Pino provides dreamy trumpet flourishes, a far cry from the glaring, military tone that this instrument is often associated with. Geminga's knack for exploring the back roads of downtempo music are a perfect fir for De Bakker's lyrical wanderings. Further exploration of this collaboration should not be a problem. De Bekker wrote 300 songs so far and picking a few for a follow-up release should be fun.

Jean-Paul Pino: trumpet, guitar, vocals
Claudia Cathérine: vocals
Rolf de Thouars: bass

Daarom is released via Big Bird Records.

  1. Het Ontbijt
  2. Maat van het Bestaan
  3. Nooit Kwijt
  4. Daarom
  5. Bedtijd

Live date:
  • 06/07 Nijmegen @ Brebl


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