May 08, 2023

Brian Jones: documentary on BBC Two

Brian Jones founded The Rolling Stones, acted as their leader in the band's early days, could play pretty much any instrument, but he got sidelined, developed a drug habit, and drowned in swimming pool of his home, Cotchford Farm, in Sussex on July 3rd, 1969. He was 27. That is the short story. Director Nick Broomfield has made a documentary - The Stones and Brian Jones - that will be aired on the Arena series on BBC Two on May 15 at 9PM. When he was 14 he met Brian on the train: "We chatted about trains, mainly. He told me that he loved trains and the line we were travelling on – the Great Western – was his favourite. I just remember thinking how very middle-class, well spoken, polite and accommodating he was".

In the interview with The Guardian he explains that he will not mention the rumours about Jones being murdered: "I felt they didn’t go anywhere and, in terms of the story, I just thought: what’s the point of me wasting a lot of time just to end up dismissing them?" He focuses on the troubles the guitarist found himself in - fathering three kids with three different girlfriends, and the fact that although he was a musical genius, he was too insecure to try his hand at writing songs.

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