May 13, 2023

Andrew North & The Rangers: Thanks for the Warning, Vol 1

As any fan of jam bands knows, live albums are where it is at for a band to thrive. New Hampshire based sextet Andrew North & The Rangers cherry-picked the best performances of their 2022 shows and put together Thanks for the Warning, Vol 1. They lean more towards than rock on this one and while their studio album was within the idiom of Phish and its offshoot, the Trey Anastasio Band, they are now channeling the sound of early '70s Blood, Sweat & Tears.

With two saxophone players and two drummers in the line-up they have plenty of opportunities to set up call-and-response parts, with Andrew North adding touches on keyboards and bass player Chip Spangler creating an undulating bottom end. Most of the tracks are brand new and they will have their work cut out for them when they try to capture the joy and energy of Fluffy Stranger or 50-50 in a recording studio. Thanks for the Warning, Vol 1 could be the first of a series of carefully curated tracks. Until Vol. 2 arrives, there are four full live shows on their Bandcamp page to tide you over.

Andrew North & The Rangers:
Andrew North: keyboards, vocals
Randy Hunneyman: percussion
Rob O'Brien: saxophone, Roland Aerophone
Jillian Rorke: saxophone
Chip Spangler: bass, vocals
Dale Grant: drums, vocals

Andrew North & The Rangers: Thanks for the Warning, Vol 1

Thanks for the Warning - Vol. 1 is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Thing About the Woods
  2. Epiphone
  3. Fluffy Stranger
  4. Infinity Spinning
  5. Chicken in the Backyard
  6. I Want to be a Ranger
  7. Down the Pipes
  8. 50-50
  9. Electrostatic Chills
  10. Sneaky Lou

Live dates:
  • 05/13 Area 23, Concord, NH
  • 06/22 Penuche's, Concord, NH
  • 06/23 Market Days, Concord, NH
  • 07/01 Feathered Friend Brewery, Concord, NH
  • 07/11 Henniker Summer Concert Series, Henniker, NH
  • 09/23 Area 23, Concord, NH


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