January 23, 2022

Andrew North & The Rangers: Phosphorescent Snack

Andrew North and The Rangers

Playing upbeat piano-rock with a healthy shot of jazz and swing is what makes Andrew North & The Rangers tick. Their debut album Phosphorescent Snack touches base with the jam band scene, where anything goes provided the players have mastered their instruments and left their egos back home in order to listen and collaborate. By stretching out and letting the music flow the offkilter lyrics make sense as they become part of the mood and the vibe. Exhibit A Dig Deep: "Distracted, scattered, lost in thought // You think you are what you are not // The sea that swims, unclog the drain // Arrange the neurons, make a brain".

The band really gels when they play instrumentals, conjuring up an evening in a late night jazz club with Down the Pipes and Epiphone. With each band member pitching in with his peculiar set of musical influences Phosphorescent Snack offers a tight but loose set of tracks that celebrate the art of connecting as musicians, exploring old and new paths of combining improvisation and composed parts. Recommended if you like Phish and its offshoot, the Trey Anastasio Band.

Andrew North & The Rangers:
Andrew North: keyboards, vocals
Rob O'Brien: saxophone, Roland Aerophone
Chip Spangler: bass, vocals
Dale Grant: drums, vocals

Andrew North and The Rangers: Phosphorescent Snack

Phosphorescent Snack is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Down the Pipes
  2. Chicken in the Backyard
  3. Tell Me
  4. Epiphone
  5. Dig Deep
  6. 11 at 11
  7. Aditi
  8. Electrostatic Chills
  9. Smoke and Mirrors
  10. Float
  11. Big Fish
  12. Unravel

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