March 02, 2023

Custard Flux: two live shows

Gregory Curvey

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Gregory Curvey will be performing two shows with his psychedelic Custard Flux project. A rare change to see him in the flesh and hear him perform material from his latest album Phosphorus: "As a composer, he allows the tracks to take their time, going through sonic hills and valleys using tension and release. This immersive music will be embraced by fans of King Crimson and Weather Report. Taking it all in one session is the way to go to fully appreciate the textures, but taking a little pause after each side on the first try doesn't hurt. Curvey is still growing as a musician, taking more risks as he moves forward, but he is already leaving most of the competition far behind".

Live dates:
  • 04/21 Chicago IL @ Montrose Saloon (as part of the IPO Festival - 8:15pm)
  • 04/22 Evanston IL @ Vintage Vinyl (Record Store Day - 12:00pm)


HCTF review of Phosphorus.

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