November 15, 2022

Custard Flux: Phosphorus

Gregory Curvey

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Gregory Curvey goes all out on Phosphorus, the new double album by his Custard Flux project. Besides his knack for serving up richly decorated psychedelic rock anthems, jazz rock has found a way in, courtesy of Mars Williams's array of saxophones. Like the element the record was named after, the songs sparkle and glow, being pushed forward by a gentle tug of war between acoustic and electric guitars.

As a composer, he allows the tracks to take their time, going through sonic hills and valleys using tension and release. This immersive music will be embraced by fans of King Crimson and Weather Report. Taking it all in one session is the way to go to fully appreciate the textures, but taking a little pause after each side on the first try doesn't hurt. Curvey is still growing as a musician, taking more risks as he moves forward, but he is already leaving most of the competition far behind.

Gregory Curvey: vocals, guitars, harmonium, piano, harpsichord, autoharp, drum kit, and percussion
Vito Greco: guitars, portuguese guitar
Timothy Prettyman: double bass
Mars Williams: saxophones
Jay Tausig: flute, backing vocals

Custard Flux: Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a self-released album. Buy it from his website (limited coloured vinyl - 250 copies, CD, digital). Note: the download also contains four files for each of the album's sides for continuous listening pleasure.

  1. The Pretender / Memory Ends
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Station
  4. The Gardener
  5. Strawberry Squid
  6. The Man In Blue Wants Out Of His Suit
  7. Roses And Wine
  8. The Devil May Care / Sifting The Stars
  9. Orbital Transport
  10. Staring Straight Into The Sun
  11. By Order Of The Grand Vizier
  12. The Face Of Mankind


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