February 19, 2023

Ubiquitous Meh!: the Love Pseudomorph

At long last the members of off-kilter lo-fi band Ubiquitous Meh! were able to set up shop as a trio in the same to record the music for their new album the Love Pseudomorph. The band's songwriter Luke Richards guided his bandmates Jodie Saunders and Michael Dugdale through the sessions, using a basic 4-track set-up and a couple of mics. Richards added the vocals in the basement of his new home in Lipson Vale, Plymouth, bouncing the sound of the rock beneath his abode.

The signature cheap organ is once again all over the album, as a joyous counterpoint for Richards's lyrics about alcoholism (Brainwater) and mental health issues (Love Pseudomorph). He is perfectly able to poke fun at both of them, however, taking the troubles he might get into because of them as a launch pad for an ace tune. He keeps an open mind throughout. He can sing about the highly unlikely (I Identified The UFO) and closer to home events (Night-Trip, When You Talk I'm Listening) as well.

the Love Pseudomorph is a sketchbook that invites the listener to cherry ick the elements that are the most appealing. Something for everyone, provided he or she is willing and able to dig in, and listen carefully.

the Love Pseudomorph is releaseed via his own label Damnsonic. Buy it (vinyl, CD, cassette, digital) from his website. Release date: March 3.

  1. Brainwater
  2. I Identified The UFO
  3. Love Pseudomorph
  4. Glib
  5. Night-Trip
  6. Less Time More Nothing
  7. When You Talk I'm Listening

  • 02/23 The House @ University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK
  • 03/03 The Fish Factory, Falmouth, UK
  • 04/01 The Underground, Plymouth, UK
  • 04/14 The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  • 04/15 The Bunker, Sunderland, UK
  • 05/10 Twenty One Southend, Southend On Sea, UK

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