January 16, 2023

The Foreign Films: Magic Shadows

Canadian power pop singer and multi-instrumentalist Bill Majoros brings the joy of a glorious Spring in the midst of Winter on Magic Shadows, the new album by his project The Foreign Films. His knack for composing lush melodies and wrapping them in carefully orchestrated, psych-tinged backing are a throwback to the early '70s, with no signs of brickwalling whatsoever.

It is an album for both dreamers who are riding high on the rush of being in love and music geeks who get a kick out of figuring out how it was created. Majoros' voice is upfront, bathing in the glow of confidence that he is in control of the proceedings as he leads his fellow musicians through the process of building the tracks. He channels his inner Marc Bolan in the swagger strut of Cosmic Lover, namechecks Cleopatra and Audrey Hepburn in the early ELO-esque Cinema Girl (Magic Shadows), and enlisted veteran punker turned pop musician Dave Rave for the background vocals for Rain Clouds (Sunshine In Your Heart).

Majoros is a musician who invites the listener to step into his Time Machine, without succumbing to nostalgia. Sure, he wears his influences on his sleeve, but he is perfectly capable to come up with a new recipe, while leafing through the output of his peers. The ingredients may be are familiar, but he is a great chef who has created a full-course meal that is beyond the scope of most of his competition.

The Foreign Films:
Bill Majoros: lead vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards
Carl Jennings: bass, background vocals, additional guitar, omnichord
Rob Preuss: various keyboards (synthesizers, piano, organ etc)
Jason Frederick: strings and horns, orchestral arrangements
Steve Eggers: background vocals "Midnight Movies" and "Cinema Girl (Magic Shadows)"
Dave Rave: background vocals on "Rain Clouds (Sunshine In Your Heart)"

The Foreign Films:  Magic Shadows

Magic Shadows is released via Sonic Envy/ Warner Music. Buy it from his website. It will be availble on CD within a month or so. And maybe vinyl too.

  1. Rain Clouds (Sunshine In Your Heart)
  2. Perfect Future
  3. Sparks In The Dark (Merry-Go-Round)
  4. Cosmic Lover
  5. Cinema Girl (Magic Shadows)
  6. Time Machine
  7. Lost In Time
  8. House of Mirrors
  9. Into The Light
  10. Daydream In The Sun (UFO Radio)
  11. Midnight Movies

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