August 28, 2021

The Foreign Films: Starlight Serenade

Canadian power pop singer and multi-instrumentalist Bill Majoros is an incurable romantic. His new album Starlight Serenade by his project The Foreign Films serves as a companion piece for his previous full-length Ocean Moon (New Songs and Hidden Gems). His well of love songs never runs dry, and with the help of a beffy of superb musicians he has created a suite of orchestrated, transcendent psychedelica that will test the limits of the listener's audio setup.

The outside world might be in a flux, but he finds solace in the sparkling eyes of his loved one, serenading her with songs that are mix of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Badfinger and Big Star (just to name the ones starting with a "B", but it goes all the way to "Z" for Zombies). His knack for melody and arranging are in full bloom, and his throws in musical teases as if they are going out of style. For starters: the most obvious one happens at the end of Many Moons Ago (Starlight Serenade).

Majoros describes his music as "retro-futuristic". He looks to the past in search for a future that never happened, the one that had the promise of being colourful and peaceful. Is that perspective naive or escapist? No, it is not. He dares to dream about a world that isn't a clusterfuck, but a place that is free from gun-wielding idiots and where the pandemic is only a distant memory. He wants to stare in wonder at his girl, and fill the time that is not with her gazing at A Photograph Of You. He wants to believe The Fortune Teller, chase Rainbows, and tell all the world that his girl is in fact an Angel In Disguise. As a love letter set to music, Starlight Serenade, will be hard to beat.

Starlight Serenade serves as a companion piece for his previous album Ocean Moon (New Songs and Hidden Gems). It would be nice if the two of them will get a 2LP release someday, in a gatefold sleeve of course.

The Foreign Films: Starlight Serenade

Starlight Serenade is a self-released album. Buy it from his website. It is available on CD via Curve Music.

  1. The Fortune Teller (Pretty In The City)
  2. Echoes Of The Heart
  3. Many Moons Ago (Starlight Serenade)
  4. Rainbows
  5. All The Love You Give
  6. A Photograph Of You
  7. The Mystery Of Love
  8. Johnny Don't Be A Fool
  9. Sweet Madeline
  10. Angel In Disguise


HCTF review of Ocean Moon (New Songs and Hidden Gems).

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