March 21, 2020

The Foreign Films: Ocean Moon (New Songs and Hidden Gems)

After completing his magnum opus The Record Collector Canadian power pop singer and multi-instrumentalist Bill Majoros went back to the drawing board to contemplate his next move for his The Foreign Films project. After some head scratching it resulted in Ocean Moon (New Songs and Hidden Gems), a concept album with new songs and a couple of previously released ones about love and a longing for an era before he was born. Majoros is a big fan of the melodic pop of the Sixties and Seventies, with the Beatles (especially the George Harrison stuff), the Zombies, the Beach Boys, CSNY and Big Star as the most obvious references.

He dances with his girl in the jukebox light in Dream With Me Tonight, pretending that it is 1964, a time when the world appeared to painted in TechniColor, and string arrangements added a glow to pop songs. Majoros likes to look up to the sky, looking for a sense of perspective and being a bit envious of the Birds In A Blue Sky. He can't believe his luck, having a woman by side that he is madly in love with (Under Your Spell).

Three songs from The Record Collector - A Letter To Our Future Selves, Stars In Her Eyes, and Dream Another Dream - bring the album to a close, with the new running order giving them a new meaning. Ocean Moon (New Songs and Hidden Gems) is not a stop gap release, but intricate tapestry of old things and new, a love letter set to music.

The Foreign Films:
Bill Majoros: lead vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards
Carl Jennings: bass, background vocals, additional guitar
Jason Fredrick: orchestral arrangements tracks 1,2,3
Wim Oudijk: orchestral arrangements tracks 7,8,9
Rob Preuss: keyboards "Under Your Spell"
Steve Eggers & Kori Pop: background vocals "A Letter To Our Future Selves" "Stars In Her Eyes"
Scott Neilson: Sax "Stars In Her Eyes"

Ocean Moon (New Songs and Hidden Gems) is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Dream With Me Tonight
  2. Katie And The Crystal Hearts
  3. Ocean Moon
  4. Birds In A Blue Sky
  5. Down On The Boulevard/Pinball Kid
  6. Under Your Spell
  7. A Letter To Our Future Selves
  8. Stars In Her Eyes
  9. Dream Another Dream


HCTF review of The Record Collector.

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