March 21, 2020

Deleyaman: "Evil" video

French dark wave band Deleyaman have made a video for Evil, a track from their latest album Sentinel: "With birds whistling softly as the intro for the first tracks Exil the album unfolds slowly, like a chrysalis in slow motion. The orchestrated psych pop in Keep the Light and the pastoral Electric Sky lead to the two reinventions of a smattering of their favourite poets: De Roses Vermeilles by GĂ©rard de Nerval and The Valley in an inventive coupling of poems by Winifred M. Lets and Arthur Gorges, an intriguing maze without a road map. Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) lends a band on the latter track, playing cimbalom, bouzouki and drums."

The video was edited by William DeBagio, using images from MI Archives.


HCTF review of Sentinel.

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