January 25, 2023

Katie Lass: "Luster" video

Detroit art-rock artist Katie Lass has unveiled a video for Luster, a track from debut album, Hypnopomp: "She goes all out with sounds and textures, throwing out all of the usual "proper" recording tricks and familiar construction bricks of a song out of the window. Combining elements of dream pop, shoegaze, noise and rock she has constructed a truly unique collection of songs. Imagine Syd Barrett attending a party thrown by the cast of Alice in Wonderland, with the members Soft Machine and Can pretty near the top of the guest list. (...) Carefully sidestepping the pitfalls marked "self-indulgence" and "art-for-art's sake", Lass has made an album that both challenges and invites the listener to go in at the deep end and explore an alternate universe, wherein a sound can have a colour, and a colour can emanate a sound".

» Katie Lass on Instagram

HCTF review of Hypnopomp.

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