December 09, 2022

Philip Selway: "Check For Signs Of Life" video

Philip Selway, the drummer of Radiohead, has unveiled a video for Check For Signs Of Life, the lead single for his third solo album Strange Dance, out on February 24 via Bella Union (vinyl, CD, digital). It is soft-spoken song about an imagined conversation of people talking to their future selves.

Selway: "The video for ‘Check For Signs Of Life comes from an idea I had to develop a dance piece over a series of songs from Strange Dance. I wanted the piece to explore imagined conversations between future and past selves and to be based around this particular quartet of dancers. The piece has been choreographed by Simone Damberg W├╝rtz and Liam Francis. They both perform in the video alongside Siobhan Davies and Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp".


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