November 29, 2022

Moonchy & Tobias: Wild Eye

Avant duo Moonchy & Tobias goes for an experimental choral mood on their new album Wild Eye. The musical partnership singer Pat Moonchy and multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias is a journey of exploring the outer regions of popular music, with forays into ambient soundscapes, shifting time signatures and pushing the limits of electronics. With lyrics in Latin, Italian and English the vocals serve as an extra instrument. They are adamant to create something fresh and new with each release, and never repeat the same form twice. It can be challenging to get into, but it is worth the effort. And when it clicks, the listener is always left wanting more.

They look both East and West of their new album, visiting dreamed up places like Shangri La in Asia's Kunlun Mountains, endure the heat and the dust while traveling on a Road of Sand and are tricked by a Mirage. Their knack for creating tension and release is in full swing. Tobias's experience as an inventive producer and sculptor of sounds enables to use simple motif change that can turn the mood pretty much instantly, with Moonchy's innocent delivery turning into an operatic squeal without warning. Wild Eye offers a different perspective for anyone who wants to look beyond the safe routes and explore new ways to enjoy music.

Wild Eye is released via Hidden Shoal and Tiny Room Records. Release date: December 9.

  1. Wild Eye Intro
  2. Numilla
  3. The Goldsmith
  4. Shangri La
  5. Mirage
  6. Farsfars
  7. Salutatio
  8. Road of Sand
  9. Limpide
  10. Wild Eye Epilogue
  11. Shangri La Reprise


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