November 21, 2022



Dutch stoner rock quartet MOAN explores the outer regions of heavy sludge on their self-titled debut album, with four lengthy tracks wrapped in tons of fuzz and reverb. Despite the towering presence of the twin guitars, bass and drums, singer Jurgen Veenstra manages to rise above the din and tell tales about mind expanding chemicals and fabled festivals. Black Sabbath fans will love Burning Man and progressive metal aficionados will appreciate the sprawling Nothing In Nature, as if Porcupine Tree were having a few beers with Kyuss and Mos Generator.

Bass player Andre Manning's monolithic, less-is-more approach is the driving force for Learn To Bleed, a safe haven for the swirling guitars. The album's closer Desert Island Drugs is a 101 for capturing a slow moving jam - note the loooong notes laid down by guitarist Marcel Ennema, egged on by the upfront drums courtesy of Reinee Huizinga, who is signalling the others to follow his lead. It is a damn fine debut album that should earn them prominent billing at Europe's leading heavy rock festival Roadburn in Tilburg next year.

Jurgen Veenstra: vocals, guitar
Reinee Huizinga: drums
Andre Manning: bass
Marcel Ennema: guitar


MOAN is released via AudioSport Records (vinyl, digital). Release date: November 25.

  1. Burning Man
  2. Nothing In Nature
  3. Learn To Bleed
  4. Desert Island Drugs

Live date:
  • 11/26 Groningen, Netherlands @ Oude Rooms Katholieke Ziekenhuis
    (support act: The Tranquis)

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