November 20, 2022

Anton Barbeau: Stranger

Anton Barbeau

When prolific psych-pop musician Anton Barbeau found himself stuck at his farm during the pandemic, he made the most of it by doing some serious soul-searching and laying the groundwork for his second full-length to see the light of day this year. His first 2022 album Power Pop!!! was an optimistic, outgoing one and now it's companion piece Stranger focuses on people (Farm Wife) and things close by, but with his knack for off-kilter weirdness popping up more than once. Case in point the short holiday ditty Favourite Items sung by Rosie Abbott and the treated "Lucy" vocals for Soggy Problems. Straightforward, simple songs are not part of his musical make-up. Barbeau loves to sneak in little tidbits into his melodies to make the listener sit up and take notice.

Being stuck in one place for an unknown amount of time inspired him to paint a self-portrait of sorts and face the fact that you can be lonely, even while in the company of a loved one. If anything this album explores the grey area between wanting to go into the world again and the hesitation that things could go South yet again.

Anton Barbeau: Stranger

Stranger is a released via Beehive Sound (US) and Gare Du Nord Records (UK) (CD, digital). Buy it from his website. Releases date: December 9.

  1. Stranger
  2. Ant Lion
  3. Dollis Hill Butchers
  4. Stone Of Fire
  5. Sugarcube City
  6. Cellar Bar
  7. Death And Divorce
  8. Favourite Items
  9. I C U
  10. Just Have To Wait There
  11. Quick To The Basement
  12. Soggy Problems
  13. Farm Wife
  14. Slight Chance

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