October 21, 2022

Ronan Conroy: The Slow Death of the LoveMyth

Ronan Conroy

For his new album The Slow Death of the LoveMyth NYC based singer-songwriter Ronan Conroy revived a couple of songs that were recorded between July 2013 and September 2017 @ Capture Sound Studios. It is a collection dark post-punk tracks, that point towards the 2014 album Discontent the 2017 EP Blood Dread.

There is something quite different too. He invited three of his favourite female vocalists to sing on some of the tracks and Julie Dicterow, Shannon Brown and Susan Hwang rose to the occasion, adding colour and a little light to overall vibe of a track. It is a belated thanks to them - they have inspired him and worked with him in the past. With his usual go-to musicians - Charlie Nieland playing pretty much every instrument and Justin Wierbonski on drums - Conroy can rely on his musical safety net when he explores the darker side of his emotions.

Captivating and a little scary at times, The Slow Death of the LoveMyth is an album that is quite intense (The Nightland) and beautiful (Double Helix). The albums ends with a superb cover of Lana Del Rey's Dark Paradise, a summation of the two themes that are struggling for dominance.

Ronan Conroy: guitars, vocals on #3, #4, #7
Julie Dicterow: vocals on #1
Shannon Brown: vocals on #2 and #6
Susan Hwang: vocals on #5
Charlie Nieland: bass, percussion, synths, drums on #4, #5, #6 additional guitar on #1, piano on #3
Justin Wierbonski: drums on #1, #2, #3, #7

Ronan Conroy: The Slow Death of the LoveMyth

The Slow Death of the LoveMyth is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Double Helix
  2. The Nightland
  3. This Dream
  4. Born In Conflict
  5. LoveMyth
  6. Passenger
  7. Dark Paradise

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