September 05, 2014

Ronan Conroy: Discontent

NYC based singer and guitarist Ronan Conroy goes back to his Irish roots with Discontent, his solo debut as a folk singer. The former member of dark goth band Oh Halo and alt rockers The Listeners now goes for an acoustic approach on what will be a "never-ending album" project. Conroy has a warm baritone, tailor made for intimate storytelling songs. On some of the songs it's just him with his guitar - the tender love song Sunrise (I think of you), on others he used a full band (drums, keys, bass) or the sound is filed out by a lonesome strings (Song To The River and Of Turning Corners (Winter Version).

Discontent flows like road trip around the Green Island, with references to waters, rocky relationships and hardship as the main ingredients. Nice touch to use Now is the winter of our discontent as the title for the album's sole instrumental. By doing so it can refer to Shakespeare's Richard III and the John Steinbeck novel, tough times set amidst a lovely countryside either way.

Producer Charlie Nieland allows all instruments to breathe freely. No need to turn it up when the song doesn't need it. Recommended if you like Richard Thompson and Nick Cave.

Discontent is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Welcome to my country!
  2. Sunrise (I think of you)
  3. If only
  4. Of turning corners (Winter Version)
  5. Lord help me, I am lost
  6. Song to the river
  7. Now is the winter of our discontent
  8. The climb
  9. Of turning corners (Summer Version)
  10. By the time I get to Denver
  11. So long, Mary-Jane
  12. The Road Not Travelled


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