October 08, 2022

Katie Lass: Shadow on the Shoreline

Detroit art-rock artist Katie Lass has released Shadow on the Shoreline, another single from her forthcoming debut album, Hypnopomp. Her wavering guitar tone will strike a chord with fans of shoegaze and dream-pop, using plenty of reverb and echo, and clashing chords. She is a sonic explorer, relying on her intuition and letting the music guide her, weaving a tapestry for her soft-spoken vocals.

Happy accidents are welcomed with open arms. Lass doesn't give a fuck about rules or pleasing the listener, which is very rare indeed. A cult legend in the making, whose influence will be far greater than her sales figures.

Hypnopomp is released via Happy Happy Birthday to Me records and Remove Records (vinyl - green marbled, black, CD, digital). Release date: November 4th.

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